Getting ready to play at Midlands bubble Football

What games can I play?

On a typical 1 hour session we will play many action packed games which may include:

Midlands Bubble Football Game types
What is Body Football Zorbing ?
Well we begin by asking you to harness yourselves into your own one man Zorb ball suit and split off into teams. Tackling, pushing, rolling, tumbling, shoving is all allowed in this game, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying head over heals in the process. When in control of the ball, if you can stop yourself howling with laughter for long enough, dribble it forward before smashing it home past the goalie, but beware, a barge could come from any direction!
Depending on what you have booked we run a 60 / 90 / 120  minutes of playing time depending on your group size.
Getting ready for your body zorb football session
Your Zorb Football event starts off by getting everyone used to the zorb suits, which means you will be running around bumping and crashing into each other. This is great fun in itself. We will rotate players on and off, it is quite physical and you’ll be happy with a breather. The rules are the same as standard football except you can knock each other over to tackle and it great great fun!!!
Overview of the game
Beginning: Safety Briefing including: rules, putting on and taking off the bubble football suit, practising falling over and getting up etc…

Zorb Football Experience: We use 10 bubble football suits in each session. Football Zorbing is hot and tiring so we can swap over participants every 10 minutes.

Terms & Conditions
Ages: 9 years old – 60 +

We do not allow adults and kids to play in the same session together. Parental consent required for any participant under 16.

The minimum age, we recommend is 9 years old, however this depends on the height of the child as they must be at least 1.2m tall to participate in BodyZorbing.

Children must be generally fit and well. A disclaimer will need to be signed on the day by a parent or guardian.

Midlands Bubble Football